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Started on May 22, 2024

Flight simulator training:


A flight simulator artificially simulates aircraft flight in various environments and conditions. Also known as Flight Training Device (FTD), Aviation Training Device (ATD), or Full Flight Simulator (FFS), they is used primarily to augment pilot training.

Flight simulators can familiarize a student with some basics of flying, which can give a leg-up over others who have never seen the inside of an airplane. This is especially beneficial if the student will be using an airplane in the flight that is equipped the same as the airplanes they may be flying

Since flight simulators can recreate various scenarios, they can provide a learning environment with similar in-air failures and risky circumstances without the real danger. These scenarios can include engine problems, electrical malfunctions, and maneuver mistakes

We’ve invested significantly in the latest simulation training devices, technology and training solutions to provide you with the tools you need to excel. With wide-ranging industry experience, our team of instructors are made up of pilots who are still flying, meaning that everything you learn is relevant and important right now. Our course include overall training / sessions of 200 hours with 20 hours on simulator with best practices and experienced staff. We provide all these training on half of the cost. Per hour cost of our course is 45000.Rs

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