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Started on May 22, 2024


  • Employees are the backbone of every organization and PCAA takes keen interest in the training and capacity building of the human resource.
  • Aviation Security is a technically specialized field and requires highly trained security personnel for carrying out the aviation security measures which have to be complied as per international standards.

Course Duration

  • This course contains a brief but challenging training-program in accordance with the training recommendations for Flight Operations Officers as laid down in ICAO doc. 7192- AN/857 Part D-3 and the requirements established by IOSA standards.
  • Duration is 4 months, 5 days a week (In Capmus Tranining) Course work provided Electonic, Interactive based, CBT Based, Use of Flight samiulator for praticle work.
Aeronautx Approved:
  1. Europian Aviavtion Safty Agency (EASA) Approved Ground School for flight dispatch.
  2. Certification from Aronatux.
  3. Licence Option.
    • Europian Licence
    • PCCA Licence

Basic Flight Dispatcher’s Course

Course Objectives

On completion of the training, participants would

  • Have Latest knowledge and current technological changes in the aviation industry.
  • Develop a career path leading to a licensed flight dispatcher certificate.
  • Be Introduced to the basics of flight operations
  • Know how to function as a Flight Dispatcher within an airline environment in conformance with all NCAA rules and regulations as it relates to flight operations.
  • Know how to develop strategies, manage and minimize all threats and their consequences to flight operations.
  • Know how to address challenges of human-machine interface and associated activities to improve safety systems.
  • Know how to improve airline performance while keeping cost at its minimum.
  • Be an invaluable human asset in an airline                                                            

Training and Certification

Becoming an Flight Dispatcher requires extensive training and certification. In the Pakistan, flight dispatchers must complete a rigorous training program and pass a comprehensive certification exam administered by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA). The training program covers a wide range of topics, including aviation weather, navigation, and air traffic control procedures.

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