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FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration, An FAA-issued pilot certificate is evidence that an individual is duly authorized to exercise piloting privileges. The pilot certificate is one of several kinds of airman certificates issued by the FAA.


Airline Transport Pilot License

The ATP CTP applies to applicants for an ATP certificate with airplane category multiengine class rating or an ATP certificate issued concurrently with an airplane type rating, and is intended to prepare the applicant to operate safely in those operations which require an ATP certificate by rule.

Interaction Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Recognized globally for its commitment to safety, the FAA helps the world’s aviation community keep safety first in order to build and maintain the flying public’s trust. ICAO and International Training staff do that in part through their extensive outreach and aviation training programs for foreign Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers, Regional Safety Oversight Organizations, and others.

Additionally, they ensure that training and outreach events are aligned with the FAA international strategy and priorities and modernize training offerings to meet international stakeholder needs and reflect Agency priorities in the rapidly shifting aviation landscape. Working together, they ensure that the international aviation network provides the maximum safety and benefits for the traveling public and the citizens of the world.

As a Specialized Agency of the UN, ICAO works closely with the UN, and particularly with the Economic and Social Council. In light of its technical mandate, ICAO also works closely with other UN Specialized Agencies and International Organizations, such as:

  1.​The International Telecommunications Union (ITU);

  2.​The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA);

  3.​The International Labor Organization (ILO);

  4.​The International Maritime Organization (IMO);

  5.​The Universal Postal Union (UPU);

  6.​The World Meteorological Organization (WMO);

  7.​The World Health Organization (WHO); and

  8.The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

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