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Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)

Short (Certificate) Courses for Pilots-in-Service

Min. Academic & Professional Level

Intermediate & PPL,CPL, ATPL Holders & Flight Instructors

Course Designed for:

PPL,CPL, ATPL Holders, Airlines & GA Pilot-in-Service, Flight Instructors of Flying Clubs & Flight Simulators

An Overview:

Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) is an approach to aircraft navigation that focuses on achieving specific performance requirements rather than relying solely on traditional ground-based navigation aids. PBN allows for more precise and efficient navigation, leading to improved airspace capacity, reduced flight times, and enhanced safety. It encompasses various navigation concepts, including area navigation (RNAV) and required navigation performance (RNP).

Short Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)

Sub-topic 1: Understanding PBN and Its Significance

Sub-topic 2: Historical Development of PBN

Sub-topic 3: Regulatory Framework for PBN

Sub-topic 4: Benefits and Challenges of PBN Implementation

Module 2: PBN Navigation Specifications

Sub-topic 1: RNAV and RNP Concepts

Sub-topic 2: PBN Equipment and Avionics

Sub-topic 3: RNAV and RNP Procedure Design Criteria

Sub-topic 4: Accuracy, Integrity, and Continuity (AIC) Parameters

Module 3: Types of PBN Procedures

Sub-topic 1: RNAV and RNP Departure Procedures (DPs)

Sub-topic 2: RNAV and RNP Arrival Procedures (STARs)

Sub-topic 3: RNAV and RNP Approach Procedures

Sub-topic 4: PBN En-Route Procedures

Module 4: PBN Implementation and Certification

Sub-topic 1: Aircraft Certification for PBN

Sub-topic 2: Navigation Database Management

Sub-topic 3: Training and Proficiency for Flight Crew

Sub-topic 4: Air Traffic Management and PBN Integration

Module 5: PBN Equipment and Avionics

Sub-topic 1: Required Avionics for PBN

Sub-topic 2: Multimode Receivers and Flight Management Systems (FMS)

Sub-topic 3: GPS and GNSS for PBN

Sub-topic 4: Monitoring and Alerting Systems

Module 6: RNP and RNAV Procedures in PBN

Sub-topic 1: RNP and RNAV Specifications and Performance Levels

Sub-topic 2: Criteria for Designing RNP and RNAV Procedures

Sub-topic 3: Advanced RNP (A-RNP) Concepts

Sub-topic 4: Operational Approvals for RNP and RNAV

Module 7: PBN Charting and Database Management

Sub-topic 1: PBN Procedure Chart Types

Sub-topic 2: Charting for PBN Procedures

Sub-topic 3: Navigation Database Updates and Management

Sub-topic 4: Human Factors in Charting and Database Design

Module 8: PBN Operations and Flight Planning

Sub-topic 1: Flight Planning Using PBN Procedures

Sub-topic 2: Optimizing Routes and Fuel Efficiency

Sub-topic 3: PBN in Oceanic and Remote Operations

Sub-topic 4: Air Traffic Control Expectations and Communications

Module 9: PBN Safety and Risk Management

Sub-topic 1: Safety Culture in PBN Implementation

Sub-topic 2: Risk Assessment and Mitigation in PBN Operations

Sub-topic 3: Human Factors and PBN Decision-Making

Sub-topic 4: Safety Promotion and Reporting

Module 10: Future Trends and Innovations in PBN

Sub-topic 1: Advances in PBN Technology

Sub-topic 2: Multi-constellation and Multi-frequency GNSS

Sub-topic 3: Regulatory Changes and Evolving Standards

Sub-topic 4: Research and Development in PBN Systems