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Setting up of Public Car Parking Facility

An Overview:

Setting up a public car parking facility at an international airport requires careful planning and execution to provide convenient and efficient services to travelers. 

Short Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Airport Parking Management

  • Overview of Airport Parking Facilities
  • Regulatory Framework and Compliance
  • Market Research and Demand Analysis
  • Financial Feasibility and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Module 2: Planning and Design of Parking Infrastructure

  • Site Selection and Planning
  • Designing Parking Lots and Structures
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Sustainable and Green Parking Practices

Module 3: Technological Integration in Parking Management

  • Smart Parking Systems
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems
  • Payment and Revenue Collection Systems
  • Integrating Parking Management Software

Module 4: Operational Considerations and Staff Training

  • Staffing and Training Requirements
  • Operational Procedures and Protocols
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement Strategies

Module 5: Marketing and Promotion of Parking Services

  • Branding and Positioning
  • Promotional Strategies and Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing for Parking Services
  • Collaboration with Airlines and Travel Agencies