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Short Course Modules:

10 modules for a short course on the “History of Aviation Regulations” with four relevant sub-topics for each module:

Module 1: Early Aviation Regulation

1.1. Birth of Aviation Regulations

1.2. First Regulatory Agencies

1.3. Air Mail Act of 1925

1.4. International Regulation Efforts

Module 2: Regulation Expansion and Safety

2.1. Air Commerce Act of 1926

2.2. Emergence of the FAA

2.3. Air Traffic Control

2.4. Safety Regulations

Module 3: International Aviation Regulation

3.1. Chicago Convention of 1944

3.2. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

3.3. Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements

3.4. Open Skies Agreements

Module 4: Modern Aviation Regulation

4.1. Federal Aviation Act of 1958

4.2. Deregulation and Airline Competition

4.3. Airline Deregulation Act of 1978

4.4. The Role of the DOT

Module 5: Security and Counterterrorism Measures

5.1. Aviation Security Act of 1987

5.2. 9/11 and Aviation Security

5.3. TSA and Aviation Security

5.4. Post-9/11 Security Enhancements

Module 6: Environmental Regulations

6.1. Aircraft Noise Regulations

6.2. Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards

6.3. ICAO’s Environmental Programs

6.4. Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme (CORSIA)

Module 7: Air Traffic Management

7.1. Air Traffic Management Modernization

7.2. NextGen in the United States

7.3. SESAR in Europe

7.4. Air Traffic Flow Management

Module 8: Drone and Unmanned Aircraft Regulations

8.1. The Rise of Drones

8.2. FAA Part 107 and UAS Regulations

8.3. Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

8.4. Global UAV Regulation Trends

Module 9: Space and Commercial Spaceflight Regulations

9.1. Emergence of Commercial Spaceflight

9.2. FAA Regulation of Commercial Space Operations

9.3. Liability and Insurance in Space

9.4. International Space Law and Regulation

Module 10: Future Trends in Aviation Regulation

10.1. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Regulations

10.2. Regulatory Challenges of Supersonic Travel

10.3. Emerging Technologies and AI in Regulation

10.4. The Role of Regulation in Addressing Climate Change

These modules provide a comprehensive overview of the history of aviation regulations, covering key developments, regulatory bodies, and emerging trends in the aviation industry.