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ELP Test Centre

“English Language Proficiency Test Center” (ELPTC):
OITi as a CAA Approved ELP Test Center for pilots in Pakistan under
the PCAA Approval Certificate No: 96//2023.

Necessary Formalities for Pilots Appearing for the English Language Proficiency Test at OITi.  
  1. Appointment for ELP TestAll categories of Pilots should get appointment for the date & time on phone call (Mentioned below) well  in advance for their English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT):
ContactKalim-ur-Rehman, Cell Phone No: +923004152799 
  1. Submission of Necessary DocumentsThe following documents must be brought to submit during on the day of appearance before test:
  1. A valid pilot license (If already held with PCAA then a copy)
  2. National ID card (for confirmation of authenticity) and its one photo-copy (to be retained by OITi.)
  3. Recent passport-sized photographs- 02
  4. A photo copy of educational Certificate (Intermediate or above)
  5. A copy of Matric certificate (For Confirmation of DoB)
  6. Proof of payment for the ELP Test fee i.e. (Deposit receipt obtained)
  1. ELP Test Fee:
  • Payment: The test fee should be paid in cash at the time of appearance for the ELPT at QITi. 
  • ReceiptA receipt of the payment should be retained and presented on the day of the ELP Test.
  1. Test Schedule:
  • Written ELP Test: After successful registration and payment, the candidates (Pilot) will go for the attempt of a written test for the assessment under ICAO standards. The written test will assess the candidates’ proficiency in reading and writing English. It includes multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and essay writing.
  • Verbal ELP Test: On the same day, a verbal assessment will also be conducted
on Flight Simulation (with motion) of Cessna-172 as an NFP (Non Flying Pilot) for R/T with examiner in ATC Simulation. The verbal test will assess the candidates’ listening and speaking skills. It includes listening to recorded conversations and responding to questions, as well as engaging in a conversation with the examiner  positioned in ATC simulator.
  1. ELP Test Day Requirements:
  • Dress CodeCandidates are expected to dress in formal or professional attire.
  • Stationery: Candidates should bring their own stationery (pens, pencils, erasers etc.).
  • Electronic Devices: No electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watch etc.) are allowed in the test room. All personal belongings should be left aside or in a designated storage area of OITi.
  1. Conduct During the Test:
  • SilenceCandidates must maintain silence from unnecessary conversation/narration during the test. Any form of communication with other candidates is prohibited.
  • InstructionsFollow all instructions given by the test invigilators, carefully.
  • CheatingAny form of cheating or malpractice will result in immediate disqualification.

7.Result of ELPT: 

  • Assessments of Written & Verbal ELP Tests: In due course of time, the assessments of both the tests will be conveyed to HQ, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority for further processing at their end.
  1. Re-test:
  • Failed CandidatesCandidates who do not qualify any of the both tests may register for a re-test. The process and fee for re-registration remain the same.
  1. Location & Address: For English Language Proficiency Test Center

Ocean Institute of Technology, international. 211, Shah Jamal, Canal Road, Lahore.

Note: It is crucial to read and understand all the guidelines and requirements before appearing for the test to ensure a smooth and successful testing experience.