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Air Catering Activities

An Overview:

Air catering activities involve meticulous procedures to ensure the quality, safety, and timely delivery of in-flight meals to passengers on airlines. Below is a detailed explanation of the procedures and rules involved in air catering activities.

Short Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Air Catering Activities

  1. Introduction to Air Catering Activities
  2. Understand the Significance of Air Catering in the Aviation Industry.
  3. Role of air Catering, 
  4. Historical Context of Air Catering
  5. Importance of Quality & Safety.

Module 2: Food Preparation and Hygiene

  1. Explore the Processes of Food Preparation, 
  2. Food Safety & Hygiene Standards.
  3. Food sourcing, 
  4. Kitchen Hygiene, 
  5. Cooking Techniques, 
  6. HACCP Principles.

Module 3: Menu Planning and Special Meals

Overview: Learn how airline menus are designed and accommodate special dietary needs.

Topics: Menu selection, factors affecting menu planning, special meal requests.

Module 4: Food Preservation and Packaging

Overview: Understand how meals are preserved and packed for in-flight service.

Topics: Preservation methods, portioning, packaging materials, labeling.

Module 5: Catering Kitchen Operations

Overview: Explore the functioning of catering kitchens and equipment.

Topics: Kitchen layout, equipment, food storage, workflow.

Module 6: In-Flight Meal Loading and Galley Setup

Overview: Learn the process of loading meals onto aircraft and galley setup.

Topics: Loading procedures, meal carts, galley organization.

Module 7: Cabin Service and Presentation

Overview: Understand how flight attendants serve meals and present them to passengers.

Topics: Service timing, meal presentation, interaction with passengers.

Module 8: Catering Equipment and Logistics

Overview: Explore the equipment and logistics involved in air catering.

Topics: Galley equipment, transportation, logistics management.

Module 9: Regulatory Compliance and Safety

Overview: Delve into the regulatory framework and safety measures in air catering.

Topics: Food safety regulations, inspections, allergen management.

Module 10: Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction

Overview: Learn about quality control processes and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Topics: Quality checks, feedback mechanisms, continuous improvement.